18 Apr

32,00 Euros per person for a minimum of 8 guests


– Starter –

Βasket with bread, breadsticks, rusk & olives

Cretan Salad
tomatoes, onions, cucumber, rusk,
olives, eggs, potatoes & olive oil

– First Course –

“Apaki tigania”
smoked fillet of pork fried with peppers and tomato

cool & creamy yoghurt with garlic,
cucumber & olive oil

– Main Course –

Imam Baildi
Stuffed eggplant with caramelized onions
with tomato sauce and cheese

– Dessert –

cripsy kataifi dough &
bathed in lemon scented syrup
served vanilla ice-cream



Combine the offer menu
with a bottle local wine

*prices only apply to a combination of offers

7,50€      white
8,50€         red
8,00€        rose
<<The offers valid until 30 km. from Chania.
Contact us for offers over 30 km.  Or if you have any questions